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Whether you're looking to visit or relocate to the Crystal Coast, let us help you have a great experience.

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Mission Statement

The Crystal Coast Hospitality Association represents the local hospitality industry. It is our goal to promote the Crystal Coast through marketing and local hospitality through opportunities and education to attract and maintain visitors to the Crystal Coast.

Benefits & Opportunities

Become an active participant in nay of the communities and help develop new projects, find solutions to common problems, while keeping abreast of the latest developments impacting your business. Stay in touch with committee chairs via email and ensure your voice is heard.

Networking Opportunities

Maintain friendships and make new contact at our monthly membership meetings. Meet with others in the industry that are experiencing what you are and lean how they handle those situations. Also, learn how the local tourism industry is fairing with the monthly occupancy reports, guest speakers, presentations of interest to the industry and briefs on county Commissioners meeting and proposed legislation.

Affiliated Associations

The Crystal Coast Hospitality Association maintains membership in the following industry associations: North Carolina & Beach Preservation Association, Bogue Banks Beach Preservation Association, North Carolina Travel Council, Carteret County Economic Development Council, Carteret County Chamber of Commerce. Members can access information through our association to anyone in these organizations. We have 2 elected members on the Carteret County Tourism Authority Board.

Advertising Programs

This area is currently under redesign to better meet the needs of the association members. Member input is welcome. Member input is welcome. CCHA currently produces rack cards to promote the website and is distributed to NC Welcome Centers. We also take advantage of co-op opportunities when available through the TDA. Regular ads are placed in the travel section to the News and Observer promoting local events.

Education Opportunities

The CCHA is in the midst of creating a certification program for members and employees. Be sure to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity that only the CCHA can offer. Through tours and education, members and their employees can become well versed and educated on our area and be certified at the completion of the program.

Participation in our Website

Our newly redesigned website is ready for today’s traveler. The new design is tablet and mobile friendly to make it easier for today’s traveler to access information wherever and whenever it is needed. Content continues to be developed to boost our position in searches. The site contains a list of members with links to their website.

Media Relations & Government Representation

We regularly maintain contact with the media along with the TDA, local newspaper and the Raleigh News and Observer to stimulate interest in industry events, issues and people. Our membership has 2 elected members as representatives on the TDA Board of Directors. These representatives keep the membership informed of the events and changes being made in the industry that affect us and acts accordingly on behalf of the membership.

Quarterly Meetings

Meetings are set to be held quarterly on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Be sure to send a representative from your company to keep you abreast of the CCHA business and happenings. Nominations for available board positions begin in September and elections are held in November. Newly elected board members officially take office the following January.

If you're interested in becoming a member of the Crystal Coast Hospitality Association, click here to download our application or fill out our online application below.

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